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Small agencies: why it’s worth taking a leap this leap year

When we started dot + del we knew two things immediately: 1) identifying what would set us apart from the competition would be what really mattered and 2) attracting potential clients would follow.

We also knew because we wanted to keep our ‘small but mighty’ charm, we would be up against some tough competition in terms of size – not just UK-wide but even in the Glasgow market.

In Glasgow alone, there are long-established agencies, freelancers, and consultants as well as new agencies that carry the recognition of a global parent company. With such stiff competition and so many skilled practitioners, how do we win our share of business as the ‘newbies’?

Our message is simple: support us, support charity. And because of this ‘small yet mighty’ approach dot + del have scored some heavy hitters in our first 2 years. From an exhibition that has been running for nearly 100 years, to the UK’s biggest dog-friendly festival, as well as some big players in the B2B market. Not only this, but our client retention has been high, with 80% of our clients staying with us as we enter our third year.

Despite our perceived small stature (not so perceived in Susie’s case 😉) we’ve been able to grow from strength to strength because of our belief in our vision, mission, and confidence in our abilities and skills.

So here are just a few reasons why a small agency like dot + del is worth considering…

Experience + Expertise

There’s an assumption that smaller agencies can’t handle larger clients and are better suited for smaller companies rather than large businesses. However, at dot + del we offer a highly skilled team dedicated to delivering work for you, regardless of your size or how ‘out there’ what you’re looking for is. To do this, we use our extensive network of freelancers to find the best people to deliver the work with our expert oversight. Not only that, but we have a strong network of partnership agencies, business leaders, and sector specialists that go way beyond our core services. We make sure you have the right dot and our in-house team will ensure a seamless del-ivery… see what we did there?

Affordable + Authentic

Because of our size, we are more affordable compared to some of the larger agencies out there. This is partly because we want to be competitive but also, we’re not trying to over pitch or sell things you don’t need. We’re honest about what you need, identify gaps, and make sure our plan benefits your business long term based on your goals or KPIs. We also give 100% of our profit to charity, so by supporting you in your mission, you’re supporting us. It’s a win-win.

Small, but Mighty

Big or small, companies tend to go with what they know. If you’re a small agency, especially one that’s newly established, the perception is you don’t have the safety of being a business that’s been around for 10 years. However, as we’ve seen post-Covid, many larger, well-known businesses have sadly closed, and there has been a marked rise in smaller agencies. We hate the word ‘boutique’ but agencies like us, should never be overlooked because of how many bums there are on seats in the office. Anyone that knows us knows we like a methodical approach when it comes to delivering work. Just because we’re small doesn’t mean we’re slap dash. In fact, because of our size, you could argue we’re more efficient when it comes to processes, procedures, results tracking, and reporting.

Hands On

The hierarchy of junior account executives, account executives, senior account executives, account managers, senior account managers, account directors, and senior account directors (you get the idea) means it can feel like there are more hands-on deck with a larger agency. But with small agencies, you get more personalised attention from people that are focussed on you. At dot + del we don’t have a complicated organigram which means you’ll have someone who is not only dedicated to you but also the results you’re looking for – no matter what.

One of the few

This leads directly to the point that with a small agency, you’re likely to be one of few rather than one of many within their client roster. With smaller agencies, like us, you’ll get a dedicated team member and that’s it. And you’re only ever one person away from escalating anything to the boss. This means you won’t be passed from pillar to post if you’re unhappy. But fortunately, you’re with us so why would you be? 😉

Agile + Innovative

Typically, with small agencies, you’ll have a smaller team. But this is an advantage, as we work quickly. This also means we’re a lot more agile and flexible meaning we can adapt or pivot our scope of work depending on your business needs or what’s happening in the market. We’re also an innovative bunch. We recognise the need to stand out from the crowd (hey, it’s what we do) so we make sure we’re up to date on the latest trends, platforms, and marketing insights.

It’s Personal

Whether it’s a new campaign or a completely new company or product, we’re on the journey with you. Our mission statement is ‘By delivering your mission, you help make our mission become a reality” – so for us your business is our business. We also love integrating with our client’s team, becoming seamless members that help deliver your KPIs, or dare we say it, your dreams. We’ll get to know your business and your goals, so you’ll get a service that is specifically tailored to your needs.

So, there you have it. Just some of the reasons why you shouldn’t overlook agencies because of their size. What do they say? Good things come in small packages. We truly believe that with smaller agencies, businesses get a top-notch service and ultimately, the results they’re looking for – all they have to do is take a leap and go for it.

Ready to leap? Get in touch with us today to see how we can support you by dropping us a line via:

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