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PR: The What, Why, Where, + How

First things first, contrary to popular belief, PR doesn’t just mean ‘press releases’. It’s not all about writing copy or performative stunts that blow through budgets faster than you can say, ‘Where’s all the budget gone?’

PR means Public Relations.

According to the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, PR is ‘the planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an organisation and its publics.’

So how do you do that? Through relationships. Building and maintaining good relationships with the public, the press, the talent and with clients, as well as looking after the relationship between brands and their audiences.

Perhaps on the surface that sounds a bit like being a ‘middleman’ but it’s an invaluable role: gate-keeping the brand to protect its reputation and keep messaging on track.

It’s also a highly creative area of work that constantly challenges you to look for the best and most efficient ways to effectively portray the brand. That’s before even getting into all the problem-solving involved.

For one of our clients, DogFest, we look after relationships with sponsors, attendees, and media. It’s about spinning plates, being aware of all the moving parts (and people) and diverting your attention and support to where it’s needed at any given time. Making sure Henry, for example, the Blue Peter dog is ready for his close-up while being on-hand to help festivalgoers with their queries.

Or with the likes of our client, CrimeCon, making sure we respect those sharing their stories, closely guarding them, and guiding them through interviews with the press.

Often, PR means translating complex or often overlooked businesses; providing them cut through so they can reach their target audiences.

At dot + del we’re ahead of the game because from day dot we’ve been all about positive communications with the brands and people we work with. Be it through press campaigns, social media management, or running events.

We’ve also cultivated brilliant relationships with our vast bank of freelancers who specialise in all things PR, from videography to SEO. Good communication with our extended team helps us deliver projects to the highest standards and on time, getting clients the results they’re looking for.

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