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Now that’s a wrap, year one!

We did it. It’s a wrap on our first year and I am so delighted with what we’ve managed to achieve. It was a hard concept for some to get their heads around. So, in essence:

  • We work with clients to deliver their marketing and communications needs like any other agency would
  • Yes – we give all our profit to a chosen charity
  • We have a core team in-house and use our incredible network to deliver the best work

It was a new concept and I believed it could be a great way of delivering exceptional quality marketing services, feeding freelancers and agencies great scopes of work and fair pay as well as giving to charity. So does this concept work? Darn tootin’ right it does!

A big thank you to all our clients, who we will be mentioning throughout this week. Without them and their trust in us to deliver their marketing and communications needs, none of this would be possible.

Don’t get us wrong, it has not been easy. When we launched the first-ever Not-For-Profit full-service marketing agency in April last year, we had no idea a recession was about to be thrust upon us. Team dot + del team knuckled down, worked incredibly long hours, and worked too many weekends, but it’s all been worth it.

Our profit from year one has been donated to our chosen charity Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity. It will allow 150 grants to be given to families in Glasgow who are struggling because of the recession. The money will allow them to travel to the hospital and buy essential supplies whilst their child or they may have to stay.

Not only have we made a profit for our chosen charity, but we have issued more than 32 scopes of work to freelancers and agencies, which is all part of our ethos – to support and nurture marketers, journalists, and designers wherever and whenever we can.

Above all, I want to thank Hayley Hatherell. It took courage, resilience, and a whole lot of trust to take a risk on this new agency concept. She is an incredibly gifted marketing and communications expert and I am proud to have her as my business partner in this venture.

Next week we will be shouting out to all our clients and supporters but for now, here’s a message from Kirsten Watson, CEO of Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity.

“We are delighted that dot + del chose Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity as their charity partner for 2022 and 2023 and thank them for their donation. For some families, a visit to the hospital can place a burden on their finances. The money raised by dot + del will support many families with the practical and financial challenges of having a child in hospital. We wish all their creative marketing and communications team the best for their second year.”  

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