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Waving Goodbye to 2023

Where to start with our end-of-year update. We could write about the clients we’ve won or about the amazing work we’ve delivered from Ideal Home Show Scotland (and Christmas!); The Cake & Bake Show and being back at the scene of the Crimecon again this

PR: The What, Why, Where, + How

First things first, contrary to popular belief, PR doesn’t just mean ‘press releases’. It’s not all about writing copy or performative stunts that blow through budgets faster than you can say, ‘Where’s all the budget gone?’ PR means Public Relations. According to the Chartered Institute

Now that’s a wrap, year one!

We did it. It’s a wrap on our first year and I am so delighted with what we’ve managed to achieve. It was a hard concept for some to get their heads around. So, in essence: It was a new concept and I believed it

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